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How the program is helping others:

Packaging Express
(Jason Langlois, Owner - 4711 Hope Valley Road, Durham, NC 27767, ph. 919 489-8474)

"For business reasons, it keeps costs down because we need lots of packaging peanuts. Most of them arrive in clean, reusable condition. For environmental reasons, people really appreciate us for taking them and keeping them out of landfills."

The Box Express
(Steve Kelly, Owner - 1046 North Baldwin Ave., Marion, IN 46952, ph 765 662-0707)

"It's a very good service that keeps unwanted peanuts out of landfills and it gives people who recycle an avenue to keep valuable packaging in circulation."

Moon Shine Trading Company
(Ishai Zeldner, Owner - 1250A Harter Avenue, Woodland, CA 95776, ph 530 668-0660)

"Recycling with the Peanut Hotline is great. We appreciate saving precious space in our dwindling landfills," says Zeldner.

Piedmont Grocery
(Dave Larson, President - 4038 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611, ph 510 653-8181)

"The Peanut Hotline saves us in having to purchase new loose fill and is, at the same time, environmentally friendly," says Larson.

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