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  • Collection centers for plastic loosefill are located in all 50 states and in major shopping areas, making the return of loose fill for reuse convenient to do while running errands.

  • The Peanut Hotline is a user-friendly website,, and phone directory service, 800-828-2214.

  • The Peanut Hotline automatically gives callers (unless their phone has caller ID blocking which results in the caller having to key-in their phone number) or browsers those collection centers located in the areas of their choice.

  • Collection centers report an average loose fill reuse rate of 50 percent. (see supplement, "The Waste That Wasn't")

  • Hundreds of catalog and mail order companies use package inserts or carton labeling giving out the Hotline 800# and website to their customers.

  • Close to a million calls to 800-828-2214 have been received since day one of the program.

  • On average, there are 4200 visitors to each month.

  • Over 80% of those callers or browsers learned about the Hotline from a mail order company package insert or carton label.

  • Mail order companies report their customers are pleased to know about and use the Hotline.

  • All Council member companies actively market recycled content plastic loose fill and promote the use of Hotline package inserts to their customers.

  • Individual Council companies have designed loose fill vacuum and on-site densification equipment to facilitate collection and transportation of EPS loose fill to recycling sites.

  • Plastic loose fill works in built-in warehouse delivery systems and therefore creates little of its own packaging waste.

  • All Council member companies have some haul-back arrangements with established commercial end-users of plastic loose fill.

  • Each member company of the PLFC provides public drop-off sites for EPS packaging at their facilities.

  • During the holiday season, the PLFC publicizes the Peanut Hotline to national media outlets that inform the public on how to give new life to holiday "leftovers."

  • For information on recycled molded polystyrene (not loosefill), contact the (Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers) at 800-944-8448.

  • For information about other plastic products, call the (American Plastics Council) at 800-243-5790


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